Contact Us

Our Address

930 Queen Ave SW
Albany, OR 97321

PHONE: 541-928-7660
FAX: 541-928-8694
EMAIL: faithalbany [at] proaxis [dot] com

Clergy and Staff

  • Pastor: Dorthy Nielsen and Visiting Pastors
  • Office Manager: Carol Armstrong
  • Organist/Pianist: Cheryl Blum


  • Congregation President: Gordy Gamet
  • Vice President: Terry Virnig
  • Council Secretary: Mary Sabatka Gamet
  • Treasurer: Janice Lee-Virnig
  • Financial Secretary: Alice Weber


  • Evangelism and Mission: Dick Olsen
  • Fellowship & Social Concerns: Peggy Preston
  • Mission Endowment Fund: Carol Olufson
  • Property Management: Vacant
  • Stewardship: Vacant
  • Worship and Music: George Hunt
  • Youth and Family: Vacant